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About the coach


About the Coach
The courses and clubs take place under the instruction of Rafi Nachum, who holds a Dan 5 black belt in the KAMI method, and a Dan 1 black belt in integrated combat methods.

Background and Training
• Training in Krav Maga since 1985
• Krav Maga coach since 1995
• Physical fitness coach certified by Wingate
• Holds certificate as Krav Maga instructor (Wingate)
• Holds certificate in karate and Thai boxing (Israeli
  College of Sport, extension of Sussex
  Downs College)

Professional Experience
Rafi Nachum is a senior coach in Krav Maga Israeli – a recognized association by all authorities in Israel (e.g. Ministry of Education, Wingate, Israel National Police and elite IDF units).

Rafi trains more than 150 pupils – some of whom have black belts and are certified instructors in and of themselves. In addition, Rafi taught self-defense in a special Ministry of Education project in Holon, in the Shalom Aleichem School and in Ort Holon School.

Rafi owns 3 KAMI branches in the central region: Tel-Aviv, Rishon le Zion and . He holds close combat training sessions for government ministries, institutions, elite units and the Israel National Police.

In addition, Rafi provides personal sessions in various areas: close combat, Thai boxing, karate and physical fitness training and physical development in gyms in the central region.

 Rafi nahum
Rafi nahum